The Perfect Vegan Carrot Cake

My first time eating carrot cake (well actually zucchini cake) was in the beginning of fall a few years back in Quebec. Weโ€™ve got family there. Our host had replaced carrots with zucchinis because she had so many in her garden that she didnโ€™t know how to get rid of it. Side note: it tastes almost the same as carrot cake and the ingredients are very similar. I remember asking her right away the recipe because her cake was scrumptiousย and ended up eating half of the cake on my own...

Vegan Christmas Wreath Salad

My favorite part of the holiday season is certainly decorating the house from floor to ceiling. I get so excited when I start unboxing the Christmas decoration items from the previous years because I always forget what we all have. Tell me really, what would be Christmas without those beautiful wreaths on the doors, over the fire place or on the tables? Not that Christmassy for sure!

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