Career Break 101

2016 was the year I took the big plunge. I was living in one of the richest countries in the world, Switzerland, had an amazing position as brand manager and everything was perfect. Well almost perfect. I felt the need to live a more adventurous life, to travel far away and to have the time of my life while it was still possible. After all, wasn’t I too young to burry myself in this comfortable life that yet took so much effort to achieve?

Discovering the Maritimes

When you think about Canada, what spontaneously comes to mind is the Quebec, the Rocky Mountains and maybe the Niagara Falls. And that’s about it, right? One of the most beautiful places I’ve visited on this planet was the Maritimes, a less popular but certainly not less beautiful part of Canada. In three weeks, I’ve toured the provinces of New-Brunswick, Prince-Edward-Island and Nova Scotia...

Magical Burma

Mingalaba (hello in Burmese) lovely readers! Has anyone been to Burma yet? Also known as Myanmar, this country squeezed between China, India, Bangladesh, Laos and Thailand is truly magical. The best time to visit Burma is between November and February, when it stops raining and when the temperature are still bearable.

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