October Favorites

Hello lovely people! We're heading closer and closer to winter, which means.....your skin needs extra TCL! What are your tricks to keep a beautiful and healthy skin during the colder months when we so desperately need more vitamin D!? I, for sure, opt for day creams that give me a little extra help to brighten up my skin and avoid blemishes (sometimes caused by change of diet, we tend to eat richer food during fall and winter).

September Favorites

October is here which means it's time for monthly favorites! I love the beginning of fall when it gets cooler but the days are still luminous and gorgeous thanks to the beautiful autumn sun light.

August Favorites

Summer is almost over and I hope you enjoyed every single ray of sunshine like I did. For this monthly beauty product review, I kept things simple with two skin masks from Tony Moly (I use them a lot in summer to nourish my skin after it has been exposed to the sun), a vegan perfume, a hand cream and a delicious herbal tea.

July Favorites

I never thought that I would run out of make-up supply because my products always seem to last forever. And yet it happened the other day. A perfect opportunity to adopt new organic/natural beauty products in my collection (quite small so far and I don’t intend to change that at all).

May Favorites

Hello lovely readers! Another month has gone by and I’m happy to share with you some great green beauty products reviews. My goal of the month was to try out organic shampoo and to drink more herbal tea. Finding great green beauty products is not easy. However, some stores/drugstores have made my life much easier...

April Favorites

Lovely people, welcome back! From now on I’ve taken the decision to only use high-quality and natural beauty products. Which doesn’t mean I’m going to splash out on expensive green beauty products because thank God, there are some awesome brands out there offering amazing products for a good bargain.

March Favorites

I can’t believe April is already here! March came in like a lion – at least where I’m living – and went out like a lamb (well at leat I hope it lasts)! Spring is my favorite season and I can’t wait to share my March favorites with you! It wasn’t intentional but all my favorites are green :-), now you can tell how ready I am for the blooming season!

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