Vegan Zucchini and Hummus Appetizers

These pretty appetizers are the perfect way to start a vegan feast! In France, we like to start any important dinner with an “apero” consisting of drinks and finger food. The more important the event, the more sophisticated the appetizers will be. I love this custom and just because I’ve decided to adopt a plant-based diet doesn’t mean I have to stop to perpetuate the tradition all together. I have tons of vegan appetizers’ recipes in the pipeline and this is just the start of me posting them! Stay tuned!

The Vegan Romantic Toast Twins

I’ve been dreaming about creating these really cool toasts for a while now, not only to seduce my other half (it’s already done, we’re getting married, yeahhhh!) but to make our meals at home an amazing experience. Since buying my mini cookie cutter, styling food has been so much easier. Because let’s be honest, those little beetroot and avocado hearts make all the difference!

Vegan Homemade Pink Hummus

Experimenting with pink hummus for the very first time kind of reminded me one of my favorite game as a child: playdough!!! My food processor is tiny (urgently need to buy a new one, any recommendations?) and I had to blend my pink hummus one batch at a time, never using the same amount of beetroot.

Hummus, Veggies and Grilled Sweet Potatoes Buddha Bowl

I'm still experimenting with Buddha Bowl and the most challenging part for me is to cook the tofu perfectly as well as keeping all the ingredients warm. There are so many! I have a small kitchen in my apartment right now and somehow when I prepare Buddha Bowls, it always looks like there was an epic battle happening...

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