Spicy Vegan Ginger and Carrot Soup

It's not because winter is slowly but surely going away that I will stop making soup! This delicious ginger and carrot soup is pure comfort food and will warm you up on those chilly pre-spring nights. When I have a busy schedule, I end up repeating the same soup recipe over and over again, the well-known "potatoes - leeks - carrots" combination but this time around, I wanted to try something new! And when I think of it, it wasn't that time consuming! If you're into spicy food, I'm sure you will love the carrot + ginger combo and if you don't, think again!

Pear and Coconut Smoothie

The deep green shade of this smoothie says it all…it’s packed with iron and vitamin E, just what I need right now to fill myself up with energy during the winter months. Smoothies are a Sunday affair for me as I love taking the time during weekends to prepare a real, kingly breakfast. During the week, not so much.

Strawberry and Ginger Smoothie

A fresh and exotic treat like this strawberry and ginger smoothie isn’t something you can say no to. Even if you already had dessert! It was getting so hot in Vancouver this summer that I was constantly making homemade drinks like this rosemary lemonade or this rooibos & blueberry iced tea.

Chicken & Ginger Ramen

Cooking instant noodles reminds me of our road trip across Canada, when all we had to cook with was a portable stove and 2 sporks (a spoon and a fork at the same time). I’m not kidding!

Chickpea & Zucchini Curry

Since I've moved to Vancouver, I've decided to make some culinary adjustments and cut back on meat. New life, new habits, right? This recipe is veggie but is still very nurishing because of the protein-packed chickpea.

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