Vegan Roasted Cauliflower Piccata

This vegan recipe is probably one of the easiest I know. Although I tested the roasted cauliflower piccata in the middle of the summer, I would rather recommend it for fall or winter. Mashed potatoes have a tendency to keep you warm, if you see what I mean...

Surprising Vegan Cauliflower & Capers Pasta

Sometimes I feel like I have cooked the same pasta recipes over and over again and it’s high time to incorporate a new one in my repertoire! These surprising vegan cauliflower and capers pasta are a great winter comfort food recipe – and it's great for our planet to consume seasonal veggies. I know you can find cauliflowers all year round but why not take advantage of them when they're supposed to be in season (in winter) and keep the eggplants, tomatoes and strawberries for summer!?

Vegan Spicy Quinoa Bowl with Brocoli and Cauliflower

Oh Indian food, we have never been very good friends. Somehow you are too strong and spicy for me but I want to give you another chance. Lovely people, have you ever combined two recipes together because you wanted to eliminate a few ingredients that you don’t like/can’t find/have never head of from both recipes and then it turns out pretty well?

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