Vegan Sunshine Fries with Aioli Dip

I’ve been wanting to do my own fries for a while and finally, here they are, taadaa! This healthy and sunny plate of veggie fries was so much fun to prepare! I felt like a child all over again but without an ounce of guilt. I used to never ever eat fries, especially in restaurants where they’re always super greasy and tasteless…well these days are over now!

Spicy Vegan Ginger and Carrot Soup

It's not because winter is slowly but surely going away that I will stop making soup! This delicious ginger and carrot soup is pure comfort food and will warm you up on those chilly pre-spring nights. When I have a busy schedule, I end up repeating the same soup recipe over and over again, the well-known "potatoes - leeks - carrots" combination but this time around, I wanted to try something new! And when I think of it, it wasn't that time consuming! If you're into spicy food, I'm sure you will love the carrot + ginger combo and if you don't, think again!

Vegan Rice Bowl with Winter Veggies

It’s this time of year again…..not so much choice on the vegetable stalls but if you keep looking, you’ll notice that it’s not that bad. A lot of “ancient” vegetables have resurfaced, some of them my mum never ever cooked at home back in the days. Most of these winter veggies are root vegetables and the good thing about them is that they are high in vitamins and minerals that they absorb from the ground.

Sweet Potato and Snow Peas Buddha Bowl

And another Buddha Bowl added to my collection ! I sincerely find Buddh Bowls to be one of the easiest way to eat vegan food. And the possibilities are endless! All you have to do is play around with the colours, textures and tastes. This is so much fun to do! For this Sweet Potato Buddha Bowl, I wanted to mix raw and cooked veggies, and I excluded tofu for once.

Milky Way Kale and Orange Pepper Salad (Vegan)

Since I added miniature cookie cutters to my cooking utensils, I'm having so much fun. Playing around autumnal colour, I've created this salad to remind me that summer time is always around the corner. Although I love preparing delicious soups when the cold season arrives, I will always prefer summer and eating salads!

Vegan Waldorf Salad with Cabbage and Apple

The waldorf salad is a fall classic and I welcomed this vegan option with open arms on the my table. Walnuts add such a nice crispy touch to every salad and I actually poured more that what I recommend in this recipe (you would probably not like it J ). Heading towards winter, we’ll have less and less options for great salads and I wanted to make sure I finish the salad season on a good impression. Without further ado, let’s get into the recipe!

Vegan Raw Veggies Buddha Bowl

With raw veggies, preparing a Buddha Bow is a child’s play and get a lot faster than with cooked vegetables! If you are up for a light and delicious meal that takes only a few minutes to prepare, this recipe is for you!

Vegan Wild Rice, Carrots and Tubers Buddha Bowl

It has become a tradition for me to cook one Buddha Bowl a week and I’m pretty happy about it. Especially because I have managed to make my carnivore other half eat tofu. You have no idea who I’m dealing with 🙂 ! I’m trying to reduce meat in our diet as much as possible (without banning it completely) and finding savory and nourishing vegetarian dishes can sometimes be tricky.

Hummus, Veggies and Grilled Sweet Potatoes Buddha Bowl

I'm still experimenting with Buddha Bowl and the most challenging part for me is to cook the tofu perfectly as well as keeping all the ingredients warm. There are so many! I have a small kitchen in my apartment right now and somehow when I prepare Buddha Bowls, it always looks like there was an epic battle happening...

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