A confident Self for a Successful Life

I’ve just finished reading the amazing book “The six pillars of self-esteem” by Nathaniel Branden and wow, it wasn’t at all what I’d expected. I somehow believed that people were born and raised with self-confidence…or not. Well let’s say that it is more complicated than that! A lot of external factors are involved in the shape our self-esteem takes over the years. It is our reaction to those factors that builds up – or down – our confidence in ourselves.

Pink Lace Short Outfit

It's done, I got rid of my old, bleached in the sun shorts. So I went hunting for a new pair because let's be honest, this is the most comfortable way to survive a heat wave. When I think of the old days when ladies were not allowed to wear trousers let alone shorts, I feel lucky to be born in the 20th century.

Exotic Mango Chia Seed Pudding

If you are reading this recipe and it’s the middle of summer, your fate is in really good hands. Why? Because this dessert (or breakfast, you decide!) is such a treat for summer weather! Adding mango to your regular chia seed pudding will definitely bring the exotic touch you were maybe missing. At least I was 🙂  To create this delicious recipe, it is super important that you choose ripe mangos.

Fresh California Salad

I don't know why my hubbie and I decided to name this salad "The Californian Salad", knowing that we've never set foot on the American West Coast. In my imagination, everything related to California is super crisp, fresh and healthy, so that might be the only rational explanation I have for you today. But I'm dreaming to visit LA, San Fransisco and San Diego one day. For now, I'm just going to have a foretaste of this hypothetical trip in the form of a colourful salad, which is by far my favorite one.

Lebanese Tabbouleh with Mint and Parsley

It’s summer here in Vancouver and all I want to eat is fresh and light food. This traditional Lebanese tabbouleh recipe with fresh mint and parsley is so so refreshing! Mission accomplished! To prepare this recipe, you need to be armed with strong eyes that don’t cry easily and patience. Yes, chopping parsley and mint leaves takes a lot of time....

1920’s Summer Dress Outfit

And another dress outfit on the blog! This one reminds me of the 1920's because of the square neckline, the fitted waistline and the light fabric. I don't know if you can see it but the dress has a delicate flower print (tiny blue, white and red daisies). This summer dress is perfect for hot summer days and I accessorized it with my blue bag Pliage by Longchamp and blue wedges.

Homemade Rosemary Lemonade

Coming back from Salt Spring Island the other day, I wanted to try a new cold drink recipe inspired from a drink I ordered for the first time at the Tree House Coffee: homemade rosemary lemonade. I never buy soft drinks...

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