Vegan Broccoli Tartelettes

Does it happen to you too ? Imagining recipes when you can’t find sleep at night? Well it happens to me ALL the time! If you need to fix insomnia, please take a short cut here. If you want to prepare those beautiful vegan broccoli tartelettes, stay with me.

Vegan & Festive Stuffed Acorn Squash

Every year around Thanksgiving, there is a festival of pumpkin taking place in my kitchen. And that’s because I want to taste each sort before the season is gone. Today was the acorn squash’s turn to make an entry in my kitchen and the recipe I’m about to give you more details about did not disappoint!

Fluffy Apple & Maple Syrup muffins

Delicious comfort food for rainy days! These fluffy apple and mapple syrup muffins were the perfect addition to a tea party we held in our new apartment a few days ago. So happy to be able to have friends coming over again. In our previous apartment, it was unfortunately not possible to throw parties.....Time to catch up now!

Pleated Plum Winter Dress Outfit

Oh burgundy! What a pretty shade to brighten up the cold months! Fall is coming to an end and I'm a little bit sad to know that the trees in Vancouver like the one behind me have lost all their leaves. A good reason for me to wear even brighter colours.

Vegan Rice Bowl with Winter Veggies

It’s this time of year again…..not so much choice on the vegetable stalls but if you keep looking, you’ll notice that it’s not that bad. A lot of “ancient” vegetables have resurfaced, some of them my mum never ever cooked at home back in the days. Most of these winter veggies are root vegetables and the good thing about them is that they are high in vitamins and minerals that they absorb from the ground.

Cocooning Turmeric Vegan Latte

Nothing is too spicy to make these fall days brighter to me. Well except for real spicy Indian food that I can barely stand (I become so red in the face that it looks like I just got the first sunburn of my life J). You will love this homemade vegan latter if you: 1) decided to boycott Startbucks for a while (even if you know deep down this is not going to last in the long run), 2) need one cup of latte a day and 3) love everything spicy.

Coconut Milk and Tofu Curry

Hello lovely people! If you love veggies the way I do, you’ll be thrilled when checking the ingredients’ list. This curry recipe features bok choy and mushrooms amongst other and I found this combination to be particularly successful. When I’m cooking Asian food, I find myself struggling with the cooking time and my veggies tend to be slightly too soft.

Quinoa Bowl with Spicy Tofu and Greens

I love quinoa bowls, they are so versatile and I’d love it to become my full-time job: “Quinoa Bowls Recipe Developer”. Sounds fancy, doesn’t it?? After a lot of practice, I’m happy to share that I’ve finally found a way to make the perfect crispy tofu and part of my secret is to set the oven to the right temperature.

Vegan Penne with Tahini Mushroom Sauce

It's mushroom season again! There is nothing comparable to a delicious plate of pasta with fresh mushrooms from the market. The other day when grocery shopping, I spotted those cute-looking shiitake mushrooms and could not resist! These vegan penne with tahini mushroom sauce is foolproof, easy and only takes half an hour to prepare.

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