My pair of coral pants

And another staple in my wardrobe: colorful trousers. I must at least have 5 of them (pink, orange, kaki, blue and coral) but coral holds a special place in my heart. The easiest way to make this beautiful and summery color pop out is to coordinate it with softer tone like white, beige, navy blue or even black.

July Favorites

I never thought that I would run out of make-up supply because my products always seem to last forever. And yet it happened the other day. A perfect opportunity to adopt new organic/natural beauty products in my collection (quite small so far and I don’t intend to change that at all).

4 Nude Shoes for Summer

I was doing a little bit of closet cleaning the other day (not much to do as I'm currently living out of a suitcase or two, can't wait to go back to France in December and bring my wardrobe back to Vancouver) and noticed I was almost only wearing nude shoes for summer which is actually no surprise at all. 

Pink Lace Short Outfit

It's done, I got rid of my old, bleached in the sun shorts. So I went hunting for a new pair because let's be honest, this is the most comfortable way to survive a heat wave. When I think of the old days when ladies were not allowed to wear trousers let alone shorts, I feel lucky to be born in the 20th century.

1920’s Summer Dress Outfit

And another dress outfit on the blog! This one reminds me of the 1920's because of the square neckline, the fitted waistline and the light fabric. I don't know if you can see it but the dress has a delicate flower print (tiny blue, white and red daisies). This summer dress is perfect for hot summer days and I accessorized it with my blue bag Pliage by Longchamp and blue wedges.

Multicolor Printed Necklace Dress

It's the start of summer and I couldn't be more happy to be wearing summer dresses again! This pretty multicolor printed necklace dress is from a mainstream French brand that I bought on sale at least 5 years ago...

June Favorites

Every month, I get super excited to share with you my favorite green beauty products and other random things (usually tea and flowers) and today is no exception! How have you been and how is the weather like were you live? In Vancouver, we were promised some never-ending sun and good weather ... and thank God, summer has finally arrived.

May Favorites

Hello lovely readers! Another month has gone by and I’m happy to share with you some great green beauty products reviews. My goal of the month was to try out organic shampoo and to drink more herbal tea. Finding great green beauty products is not easy. However, some stores/drugstores have made my life much easier...

April Favorites

Lovely people, welcome back! From now on I’ve taken the decision to only use high-quality and natural beauty products. Which doesn’t mean I’m going to splash out on expensive green beauty products because thank God, there are some awesome brands out there offering amazing products for a good bargain.

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