White Peplum Dress Outfit

Who doesn't like a nice versatile white dress that is 100% timeless? Nobody, that's right! I purchased this white peplum dress in a cute store in Italy (seriously the best place to go shopping for "petite" size) and it was slightly to wide. That's why you can't really spot the peplum as it is covered with my navy blue leather belt.

Pink Summer Dress Outfit

Pretty pink dress found by surprised during a shopping trip with my sister last summer. It is by the clothing brand RW & Co. I don't regularly shop there but every time I pay the store a visit, it never disapoint. I was looking for a sparkling and colourful dress and I found it. Also, look at how gorgeous the back is. You obviously need a strapless bra to make the whole outfit look flawless but that's really it!

September favorites

October is here which means it's time for monthly favorites! I love the beginning of fall when it gets cooler but the days are still luminous and gorgeous thanks to the beautiful autumn sun light.

Chestnut Summer Dress

As I told you in a previous "outfit details" blogpost, I LOVE recycling clothes and investing in high-quality and timeless pieces. This cute summer dress with lace trim is no exception and comes from a small boutique in Strasbourg, France (Online Store Nice things by Paloma S.) that looked like Aladdin's Cave to me when I made the purchase!

Summery White Pants Outfit

Styling white pants is such a child's play! They are probably the only piece of clothes in my wardrobe that I never call into question a thousand times before stepping out. White + Blue is one of my favorite colour combo for summer, it's timeless and it always work well together, no matter the shade you pick.

Colourful Summer Dress with embroidered Flowers

This dress was found in the cutest shop in Verbania and I remember that it was slightly too big for me. I was hesitating because the pattern with the embroided flowers looked so good, I was almost ready to have it tailored. And that's when the Italian saleswomen gave me a great tip ...

August Favorites

Summer is almost over and I hope you enjoyed every single ray of sunshine like I did. For this monthly beauty product review, I kept things simple with two skin masks from Tony Moly (I use them a lot in summer to nourish my skin after it has been exposed to the sun), a vegan perfume, a hand cream and a delicious herbal tea.

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