February 2018 Favorites

It's starting to smell a lot like spring over here! I've been decorating our home with fresh tulips since the beginning of the month to keep myself motivated and in a bright mood. February always tend to be a hard month to go through each year, partly because I desperately need some sunshine.

January 2018 Favorites

What a month! It's been pouring non-stop here in Vancouver, giving me a lot of opportunities for some much needed me-time! With a wedding to organize, a full-time job and a blog to feed, I can't recall when was the last time I got bored. Having said that, I'll enjoy it when it slows down a bit. I've been enjoying a lot of new hair product this past month and discovered an amazing night cream.

December Favorites

Happy 2018 lovely people! I just got back from a wonderful vacation in France to spend some quality time with my close ones. It was quite intense but I found some time to reflect on 2017 and what I want to improve for the year. One word comes to mind and it's "flexibility". I resumed yoga in November following a back pane and realized how much I have missed it. Not only do I want to be more flexible in my body but I also wish to become more flexible with the events life is holding in store for me. What are your resolutions for 2018?Β 

November Favorites

Who can believe Christmas is almost there!? It's been exactly 12 months since I left France and I'm truely looking forward to seeing my family again very soon. This past year spent in Vancouver has been an incredible ride but I miss my close ones and I need to spend some quality time with them. What are your plans for the upcoming Holidays? Ona different topic, I've discovered or should I say "re-discovered" some pretty cool beauty products last month that I'll be sharing with you in this post

Camel Sweater with Plaid Scarf Outfit

Clearly, any outfit can be easily upgraded with accessories and during winter, I love matching my scarves with my outfits. I've found this very cute and warm plaid scarves by RW&Co in neutral colours that matched my camel sweater to perfection.

Pleated Plum Winter Dress Outfit

Oh burgundy! What a pretty shade to brighten up the cold months! Fall is coming to an end and I'm a little bit sad to know that the trees in Vancouver like the one behind me have lost all their leaves. A good reason for me to wear even brighter colours.

Blue Grey Wrap Dress Outfit

This rain is not going to stop me from wearing feminine dress and booties with heals! I've had this dress in my closet for a few years now and I'm always happy to "unpack" it from my winter clothes boxes each year. I got it from Morgan, a French brand that you might have heard of.

Orange Pants Outfit

Back to the first days of September when the weather was still oh so summery! On our way to Port Renfrew on the South-West coast of Vancouver Island, we made a quick stop at the beach in Sooke. Little did I know that my boyfriend would propose exactly 24 hours later πŸ™‚

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