Wild Wild Yukon

If you’re addicted to sunny places and beaches, please don’t shy away just yet. There is something you need to know: I live on sunshine just like you do and whenever I pick a new travel destination, it has to be near the sea with hot temperatures. But the fact is: my other half is on the other end of the spectrum. The wildest it gets (bears, glaciers, northern lights, snow fall and camping), the happier he is!

Discovering the Maritimes

When you think about Canada, what spontaneously comes to mind is the Quebec, the Rocky Mountains and maybe the Niagara Falls. And that’s about it, right? One of the most beautiful places I’ve visited on this planet was the Maritimes, a less popular but certainly not less beautiful part of Canada. In three weeks, I’ve toured the provinces of New-Brunswick, Prince-Edward-Island and Nova Scotia...

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