Vegan Raisins and Vanilla Buns

Hello lovely people! Wondering how to transform your weekend breakfast into a lavish experience!? Well, the good news is: it’s easier than you think! Fresh orange juice, a delicious homemade vegan London Fog (here is the express recipe for it: Earl Grey from Taylor’s of Harrogate + a few drops of almond milk + 2 tbsp. maple syrup) and fresh fruits are a great start to prep your morning feast. Baking your own buns will just be the cherry on the cake...

Vegan Cranberry Loaf

I used to keep my baking power in the kitchen cupboard for special occasions. These days are gone! Since starting this blog, I enjoy a very diversified diet and baking lavish cakes on a regular basis is just part of my landscape now. Francois doesn't have a sweet tooth so he isn't really of any help getting them eaten so we always end up giving away half of my yield. But what do you want, it's a nice feeling!

The Perfect Vegan Carrot Cake

My first time eating carrot cake (well actually zucchini cake) was in the beginning of fall a few years back in Quebec. We’ve got family there. Our host had replaced carrots with zucchinis because she had so many in her garden that she didn’t know how to get rid of it. Side note: it tastes almost the same as carrot cake and the ingredients are very similar. I remember asking her right away the recipe because her cake was scrumptious and ended up eating half of the cake on my own...

Vegan Cinnamon Rolls

One of the best feelings in the world is to wake up on a Sunday morning with the smell of freshly baked cinnamon rolls. I’ve followed the recipe of the Vegan Queen – Angela Liddon – step by step, except for the vegan cream cheese frosting as it would have been too sweet for me. Her blog “Oh She Glows” is a gold mine of delicious recipes I will probably never get tired of. What about you lovely people, what are your favorite cooking blogs!?

Vegan Spiced Banana Bread

I’ve kept my breakfast routine very simple lately and for a good reason….I can’t really stand complex/strong tastes in the morning and toasted bread with vegan butter is about the only thing I can swallow. However for the weekends, I love starting the day with something a little bit more fancy than just bread while I watch my favorite French show (On n’est pas couché) to keep myself up to date for my next Skype session with my family!

Vegan Christmas Bites

I was born in Alsace, France near the German border. Alsace has such a rich culture especially when it comes to food. One of my all-time favorite traditions is baking Christmas cookies. My grandmother used to prepare up to 20 different sorts of Christmas cookies each year. It was “the dessert after the dessert” kind of affair. Baking Christmas cookies is also a social activity...

Christmas Tree Vegan Brownie

Still wondering what to cook for Christmas Eve!? Those pretty Christmas Tree brownies should do the trick. Not only because of their cute shape but because they are absolutely delicious! I’m not a huge fan of bananas but I wanted to try a vegan cake recipe with banana as an egg substitute. And I’m really happy with the taste and the consistency!

Vegan Chocolate and Coconut Cake

This vegan chocolate cake just blows my mind. When it comes to desserts, I’m soooo picky. I prefer eating less but absolutely delicious sweet treats featuring high-quality ingredients such as brown & unrefined sugar and cream of the crop chocolate brands. Because this cake is vegan, you’ll need to use cocoa powder instead of regular chocolate,  so make sure you’re opting for something real. I use cocoa powder from the brand “Hollands Best” (100% cocoa powder alkalized) and let me tell you….all the previous chocolate cakes I’ve baked in the past with real chocolate, eggs and other dairy ingredients can’t even compete with this one.

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