Vegan Kale & Mango Salad

This colourful bowl is a replica of a salad I ordered earlier this summer in a fancy restaurant in North Vancouver. We’ve met some really cool people here in BC and we enjoy hanging out with them because we share the same passion for delicious food. But we also like it when the portions being served are satisfying! When my mango & kale salad arrived, I was quite shocked….it was not even a quarter of what you can see on the pic below!

Vegan Exotic Rainbow Spring Rolls

It's been raining so much in Vancouver lately, our weekends have unfortunately had to spent indoors rather than in the mountains. On the other side, I've had plenty of time testing new recipes and those colorful spring rolls were the best occupation I could find on one of those rainy afternoons. I've always been attracted to rainbow food and I've been dying to create my own springrolls. Here they are!!!

Vegan and Cripsy Kohlrabi Salad

These kohlrabi have been staring at me for a very long time. And I’m finally succumbing to the temptation to try them out in this delicious and refreshing recipe! The soft hues of pale greens, yellow and pink are screaming “it’s spring!” I love how the subtle grain mustard dressing compliments everything.

Vegan Endive Salad Boats

Whether as an entry before a vegan feast or as a main course on a hot summer day, these refreshing endive boats are a delicious salty-sweet dish option! Savory and crispy is my favorite combo when it comes to salads and this one is a pure delight! Endives can be quite expensive in North America, so feel free to replace them with lettuce leaves.

Vegan Christmas Wreath Salad

My favorite part of the holiday season is certainly decorating the house from floor to ceiling. I get so excited when I start unboxing the Christmas decoration items from the previous years because I always forget what we all have. Tell me really, what would be Christmas without those beautiful wreaths on the doors, over the fire place or on the tables? Not that Christmassy for sure!

Raw Rainbow Salad

The food blogger community is so inspiring! I was looking for fresh salad ideas the other day and landed on Kathryn’s beautiful blog “Cookie and Kate”. For the anecdote, Cookie is the name of her cute dog who happens to enjoy eating raw kale like me! Kate, your dog and I should meet!

Milky Way Kale and Orange Pepper Salad (Vegan)

Since I added miniature cookie cutters to my cooking utensils, I'm having so much fun. Playing around autumnal colour, I've created this salad to remind me that summer time is always around the corner. Although I love preparing delicious soups when the cold season arrives, I will always prefer summer and eating salads!

Vegan Waldorf Salad with Cabbage and Apple

The waldorf salad is a fall classic and I welcomed this vegan option with open arms on the my table. Walnuts add such a nice crispy touch to every salad and I actually poured more that what I recommend in this recipe (you would probably not like it J ). Heading towards winter, we’ll have less and less options for great salads and I wanted to make sure I finish the salad season on a good impression. Without further ado, let’s get into the recipe!

Raw Vegan Pad Thai Salad

I’ve been wanting to get off the beaten track, looking for a salad that was nothing like those I had tested before. And I found this gem...I usually have a very light dinner and coupled with a few toasts, this salad is the perfect option for a fresh & light meal.

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