Spicy Muled Wine

In my family, the Christmas festivities cannot start without muled wine. We usually drink it at 4pm on Christmas Eve with a lot of Christmas cookies. It’s a nice way to catch up with everybody in the comfort of my grandmother’s home while eating delicious food (one of my favorite activities I confess). Muled wine has the power to make everybody chatty and cheerful, even the grumpiest family members. Now, are you taking this beverage more seriously!? I hope so and recommend you test it very soon!

Christmas Buddha Bowl

So addicted to Buddha Bowls lately....that's why I had to create a Christmas version of it! And honestly, if this is the kind of food I would have during the entire holiday season...I wouldn't be worried about gaining weight at all! Unfortunately (or maybe fortunaltey) we will be spending Christmas in France with our relatives and it's going to be a "feast race". I guess I'll keep healthy food for before and after the festivities....

Vegan Chocolate and Coconut Cake

This vegan chocolate cake just blows my mind. When it comes to desserts, I’m soooo picky. I prefer eating less but absolutely delicious sweet treats featuring high-quality ingredients such as brown & unrefined sugar and cream of the crop chocolate brands. Because this cake is vegan, you’ll need to use cocoa powder instead of regular chocolate,  so make sure you’re opting for something real. I use cocoa powder from the brand “Hollands Best” (100% cocoa powder alkalized) and let me tell you….all the previous chocolate cakes I’ve baked in the past with real chocolate, eggs and other dairy ingredients can’t even compete with this one.

Vegan Spiced Christmas Stars

And another vegan cookie recipe! I’ve been in Christmas mood since November and it feels just perfect. I don’t recall preparing Christmas this early before but being away from my family (we’re living in Canada, they’re in France) surely makes me want to add more sparkle to our apartment than need be. Where I come... Continue Reading →

Vegan Stuffed Eggplants for the Holidays

I’m about to spend the first holiday season as an almost 100% vegan and my challenge is to make it as fabulous – culinary speaking – as all my previous Christmases. This is so exciting! Eggplants are in my top 5 favorite veggies and I wanted to do something fancy with them while staying true to the “red-green-white” Christmas colour scheme. Tada!!! When these beauties came out of the oven, our living room was filled with such a festive smell that I could have celebrated Christmas right away. But hey, not so fast, there are still a few days to go!

Vegan Apple Coco Tartelettes

There is something about cooking that has always fascinated me: fat enhances flavors so much and this recipe is just one more proof. Hey, don't fly away just yet, for this recipe is very healthy...1 tbsp vegan butter, that's not much! The more TCL you'll give to those beautiful apples, the better the tartelettes will taste. And by that I mean rubbing the apple slices into vegan butter and let them become golden and tender before your eyes.

Vegan Christmas Wreath Salad

My favorite part of the holiday season is certainly decorating the house from floor to ceiling. I get so excited when I start unboxing the Christmas decoration items from the previous years because I always forget what we all have. Tell me really, what would be Christmas without those beautiful wreaths on the doors, over the fire place or on the tables? Not that Christmassy for sure!

Vegan Christmassy Velvet Cake

Who’s ready for Christmas ? I sure am! I’ve been testing a lot of vegan Christmas recipes as of late because this is going to be my first Christmas as an almost 100% vegan and I want to make sure I have a blast J What could be more appropriate than a deep red cake for a Christmas dessert?

Tropical Vegan Smoothie

When fall and winter arrive, I am so so bad at eating fruits. I don’t know what it is but I don’t really fall for apples, pears and oranges. Devouring an entire basket of fresh cherries, that’s quite an easy game for me! But when it comes to peeling an orange and putting it in my mouth, I just can’t. I’ve created this smoothie to help me get more vitamins during the winter months because even though I’m picky, my body really needs it!

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