Rainbow Carrots Quinoa Bowls

I’ve been wondering for a long time, what kind of dish I could create with those pretty rainbow carrots staring at me at my local supermarket !? Side dishes are booooring! I wanted to do something different, something that could be all three courses in one! And I did!!

Easy Vegan Falafel Bowl

Don’t be fooled, this rainbow bowl is not only eye-pleasing, it’s also very tasty and satisfying! I still need to brush up my falafel skills, so the ones I used in the recipe are not homemade. However if you’re lucky enough, you’ll be able to find delicious ones at your supermarket. I bought mine from the brand Yves and wow, they did not disappoint. Last time I made falafel myself, I almost set the fire alarm, everything was burning and our apartment smelt like a barbecue for a week. Will get there, I promise you though.

Green Buddha Bowl with Peanut Sauce

I’ve just entered this phase where I could eat anything provided there’s peanut sauce on the side. And it’s a bit crazy given the fact that peanut butter always scared me. I can hear my mother tell the story of my aunt spending on summer in the US and coming back to France weighting….way more, just because she had eaten peanut butter the whole time. Since starting my journey of becoming vegan, I’ve realized how careful I need to be when it comes to covering my nutritious needs. Turning vegan is not a trend like changing your hair colour, we really have to make sure we properly transition from omnivore to vegan, without our body having any kind of deficiency.

Vegan Turmeric Jicama Fries Bowl

Did you know that „jicama“ is also known as „Mexican potato“? I was nowhere near guessing that as I wasn’t even aware of jicamas until recently! They are the perfect candidate for a vegan fries bowl but will definitely need a boost in flavour (hello turmeric!). Also, I’ve been obsessed with homemade pesto and this recipe was merely an excuse to make some more. But let truth be told: it’s so much more fun and healthier than the usual full-of-sugar ketchup!

Christmas Buddha Bowl

So addicted to Buddha Bowls lately....that's why I had to create a Christmas version of it! And honestly, if this is the kind of food I would have during the entire holiday season...I wouldn't be worried about gaining weight at all! Unfortunately (or maybe fortunaltey) we will be spending Christmas in France with our relatives and it's going to be a "feast race". I guess I'll keep healthy food for before and after the festivities....

Sweet Potato and Snow Peas Buddha Bowl

And another Buddha Bowl added to my collection ! I sincerely find Buddh Bowls to be one of the easiest way to eat vegan food. And the possibilities are endless! All you have to do is play around with the colours, textures and tastes. This is so much fun to do! For this Sweet Potato Buddha Bowl, I wanted to mix raw and cooked veggies, and I excluded tofu for once.

Vegan Fall Buddha Bowl

I love adapting my meal planning to season change. Fall brings a lot of cool options and I’m beyond happy to eat pumpkins again. It’s delicious and I put it everywhere (except in dessert of course, unless you suggest me a cool pumpkin cake recipe!?). Roasted corns are not bad either, they also add a nice pop of color to the Buddha bowl.

Vegan Pink Buddha Bowl

This summer, pink is all over the place. I’ve been craving pink clothes (shopping trip - check), pink accessories, pink everything. So why not having a pink Buddha Bowl after all? I had so much fun looking for pink veggies and fruits although it’s not that easy. To prepare this recipe, you’ll have to start making pink hummus...

Vegan Raw Veggies Buddha Bowl

With raw veggies, preparing a Buddha Bow is a child’s play and get a lot faster than with cooked vegetables! If you are up for a light and delicious meal that takes only a few minutes to prepare, this recipe is for you!

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