Vegan Exotic Kiwi and Spirulina Smoothie

Finally got my first bottle of green spirulina just in time for the beginning of the cold season. Since I'm drastically cutting back on meat, I just try to make sure I have all the nutrient inputs I need. Spirulina is a super food as you might know, providing you with tons of super important nutrients such as protein, vitamin B1, B2 & B3, copper, iron and the list goes on and on...

Homemade Rosemary Lemonade

Coming back from Salt Spring Island the other day, I wanted to try a new cold drink recipe inspired from a drink I ordered for the first time at the Tree House Coffee: homemade rosemary lemonade. I never buy soft drinks...

Rooibos & Blueberry Iced Tea

Summer is here! Sometimes, it can get pretty boring drinking just plain water but I wouldn’t go down the soda road for anything in the world. I bought the rooibos and blueberry tea by Rishi because I was running out of tea and when I had my first cup I thought that it would be perfect for a homemade iced-tea recipe. And it is!

Hot Beverage Favorites

February is drawing to a close and winter doesn't seem to go away in Vancouver. I like to keep warm and cozy with tea, herbal tea or lattes. Moving to Vancouver a few months ago, I was thrilled to discover new products and new brands that we don't have in Europe. That's one of my favorite things to... Continue Reading →

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