Kale and Pineapple Smoothie

Starting the new season with a smoothie detox is always a great idea! I’ve tried a lot of funny smoothie recipes in my life, most of them I haven’t posted on the blog because they belonged to the green monster category (and could be barely swallowed). Anyhow, this kale + pineapple combo WAS a success: both super tasty and refreshing!

Pear and Coconut Smoothie

The deep green shade of this smoothie says it all…it’s packed with iron and vitamin E, just what I need right now to fill myself up with energy during the winter months. Smoothies are a Sunday affair for me as I love taking the time during weekends to prepare a real, kingly breakfast. During the week, not so much.

Vegan Cosmic Blueberry Smoothie

Preparing smoothies is more of a weekend activity for me. During the week, I need a quick fix. Something like toasted bread with vegan butter + my homemade vegan London fog that takes only a few seconds to prep and I'm off to work. I'm definitely not a morning person even if I wish I was. I just prefer staying in bed a little bit longer than starting the day with a mess in my kitchen...and be late. This smoothie is super easy and vegan of course! Unleash your creative power to decorate it as wildly as you want!

Persimmon and Orange Smoothie

My reaction when drinking the first sip of this smoothie was “but this tastes like carrot cake!” And it really did! In addition to being packed with vitamin C, this smoothie really tasted like a liquid piece of cake, but a healthy one of course! During winter, we all struggle to keep a reasonable intake of vitamins and strengthen our immune system. Spices like ginger and cinnamon will help you do just that. It’s the best medicine you can treat your body with!

Spicy Muled Wine

In my family, the Christmas festivities cannot start without muled wine. We usually drink it at 4pm on Christmas Eve with a lot of Christmas cookies. It’s a nice way to catch up with everybody in the comfort of my grandmother’s home while eating delicious food (one of my favorite activities I confess). Muled wine has the power to make everybody chatty and cheerful, even the grumpiest family members. Now, are you taking this beverage more seriously!? I hope so and recommend you test it very soon!

Tropical Vegan Smoothie

When fall and winter arrive, I am so so bad at eating fruits. I don’t know what it is but I don’t really fall for apples, pears and oranges. Devouring an entire basket of fresh cherries, that’s quite an easy game for me! But when it comes to peeling an orange and putting it in my mouth, I just can’t. I’ve created this smoothie to help me get more vitamins during the winter months because even though I’m picky, my body really needs it!

Cocooning Turmeric Vegan Latte

Nothing is too spicy to make these fall days brighter to me. Well except for real spicy Indian food that I can barely stand (I become so red in the face that it looks like I just got the first sunburn of my life J). You will love this homemade vegan latter if you: 1) decided to boycott Startbucks for a while (even if you know deep down this is not going to last in the long run), 2) need one cup of latte a day and 3) love everything spicy.

Strawberry and Ginger Smoothie

A fresh and exotic treat like this strawberry and ginger smoothie isn’t something you can say no to. Even if you already had dessert! It was getting so hot in Vancouver this summer that I was constantly making homemade drinks like this rosemary lemonade or this rooibos & blueberry iced tea.

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