Vegan Exotic Rainbow Spring Rolls

It’s been raining so much in Vancouver lately, our weekends have unfortunately had to be spent indoors rather than in the mountains. On the other side, I’ve had plenty of time testing new recipes and those colorful spring rolls were the best occupation I could find on one of those rainy afternoons. I’ve always been attracted to rainbow food and I’ve been dying to create my own springrolls. Here they are!!!

I can’t even describe the magic that happens when you dip those beauties in the spicy peanut sauce I’ve been obsessed with lately. Peanuts were never really part of my food landscape but now that I’ve discovered it, I can’t help but put it on everything I cook. At first, the thin and fragile rice paper sheets were a little bit scary to me, I had trouble wrapping the veggies with it and it would just break. I highly recommend using lukewarm water to soak them in and to avoid disapointment or even a kitchen crisis, just use two layers instead of one. I had a loooot of time on that afternoon but you might want to avoid having to wrap each spring roll individually all over again.

I hope you like this perfect starter as much as my guests and I did. From a purely aesthetics standpoint, they made quite an impression!


vegan spring rolls with peanut sauce


vegan spring rolls with peanut sauce


Serving : spring rolls (4 people)

Total Time : 45 minutes




– 1 ripe mango

– 2 ripe avocados

– 1 red bell pepper

– 1 cucumber

– 3 cups baby spinach leaves

– 1 cup fresh basil

– 2 cups sprouts

– XY sheets of 22cm/8.5″ round rice paper


Peanut Sauce:

– 4 tbsp. peanut butter

– 2 tbsp. soy sauce

– ½ tsp. cayenne pepper,

– the juice of one lime

– 1 tsp. white vinegar

– 4 tbsp. hot water

– a handful peanuts, coarsely chopped



Start by preparing all the veggies as follows:

– wash the cucumber, cut it in half and cut each half lengthwise into 5 to 6 sticks

– peal the mango, extract the flesh and cut it into sticks

– peel the avocados, remove the stone and cut them into sticks

– cut the bell pepper in half, remove the stems and cut it into sticks

– wash and drain baby spinach + basil leaves

Pour lukewarm water into a large bowl, ideally the size of the rice paper sheets (22cm/8.5’’).

Take a sheet of rice paper and delicately submerge it into water for 5 seconds.

Place the rice paper on a wooden board or clean kitchen counter.

In the center, arrange 1 cucumber stick, 1 red bell pepper stick, 2 avocados sticks, 1 mango stick, a few spinach and basil leaves and finish with a bit of sprouts.

Starting from the bottom, roll up the rice paper tightly to cover the veggies.

Keep rolling firmly.

Because the rice paper is sticky, it will seal itself.

Fold the left and right edges of the rice paper in.

Repeat the same process until running out of veggies.

I would recommend wrapping each roll into a second sheet of rice paper to avoid tearing and to make your guests’ lives easier when handling the spring rolls!

Once you’ve prepared all the spring rolls, cut them in half with a sharp knife.

Moving on to the peanut dip sauce:

Pour the peanut butter into a bowl.

Add the soy sauce, hot water, lime juice, cayenne pepper and white vinegar.

Mix well until smooth and decorate with chopped peanuts.

Arrange the spring rolls on a plate around the dip bowl and enjoy this very tasteful “entrée”!

vegan spring rolls with peanut sauce


vegan spring rolls with peanut sauce


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