February 2018 Favorites

It’s starting to smell a lot like spring over here! I’ve been decorating our home with fresh tulips since the beginning of the month to keep myself motivated and in a bright mood. February always tend to be a hard month to go through each year, partly because I desperately need some sunshine.

I’ve been using two great products from the brand Jasön this month and I was very satisfy with them. Also, I started applying skin masks on a more regular basis and the charcoal self-heating one from Bioré is always doing such a great job at purifying my skin, love it! Have you been discovering interesting natural beauty products lately? And which spring flowers are your favorites?


flat lay with pink tulips and Jasön Purifying Tea Tree deodorant stick

– Jasön Purifying Tea Tree deodorant stick: when I pick a deodorant, it has to be without aluminum, which can cause cancer. Stay away from it at all costs! Jasön has created such a nice range of natural deodorant, and the Tea Tree fragrance is definitely a winner. The scent is light and discreet, perfect for women wearing stronger perfume. I’ve also tested the Lavender and Aloe Vera variations and they were perfect too.


flat lay with pink tulips and Burt's Bees' daily moisturizing cream

– Burt’s Bees’ sensitive daily moisturizing cream: featuring (amongst others) sunflower seed oil, cotton flower extract, beetroot extract and shea butter this day cream for sensitive skin is just what I needed this month. I love the light texture that perfectly moisterizes the skin without making it greasy. Plus, the scent it divine!


flat lay with pink tulips and Jasön Smoothing Sea Kelp Conditioner

– Jasön Smoothing Sea Kelp Conditioner: I cannot do without conditioner or I’ll spend half an hour untangling my curly hair. Sea kelp is rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids and is the perfect touch to rehydrate dry strands. Unlike many natural conditioner in the market, this one does not make your hair feel super heavy and greasy, even after several rinces. I’ll keep using it for sure!


flat lay with pink tulips and Bioré charcoal self heating one minute mask

– Bioré charcoal self heating one minute mask: my secret weapon for a deep skin cleaning, without the unpleasant side effects such as redness and itchiness. I love rubbing and massaging my skin with this mask before letting it sit for a few minutes. I fell like it activates the charcoal heating properties even faster and it’s a very relaxing moment for me to enjoy!

Did you enjoy these February 2018 favorites? What great natural products did you discover this month? Share it in the comment section down below!!

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