January 2018 Favorites

What a month! It’s been pouring non-stop here in Vancouver, giving me a lot of opportunities for some much needed me-time! With a wedding to organize, a full-time job and a blog to feed, I can’t recall when was the last time I got bored. Having said that, I’ll enjoy it when it slows down a bit.

I’ve been enjoying a lot of new hair products this past month and discovered an amazing night cream. I work in marketing so… I’m very well aware of how good campanies are at creating needs from scratch, night creams were invented to actually sell more creams… But for once, I’ve really fallen for the brand SIBA! They’ve created such an amazing and comforting cream texture! Also with the cold weather, I’ve tried to alternate conditioner with hair mask to make sure my curly hair don’t turn into straw! What was your favorite beauty product of the month!?


Night Cream by SIBU with fresh flowers

– Rejuvenating Night Cream by SIBU: a little bit pricy, but oh! so deliciously moisturizing, it’s actually on sale as I write these line, check it out! Featuring natural ingredients, this night cream is your perfect bedtime routine ally. It’s smells heavenly (can you picture the scent of olive and orange cake with a touch of bergamot, well that’s it) and may help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. I could really feel my skin become reinvigorated and smooth! Also, SIBU is PETA certified and cruelty-free.


flat lay with coconut oil shampoo and fresh flowers

– Nourishing Shampoo Monoi Coconut Oil by Hask: my first time trying out Hask hair products and I’m very happy with the results. I have curly hair so they need rich shampoo formula like this one. I haven’t been to Hawai yet (but plan to) and the delicious smell of coconut oil just made me feel on a tropical vacation.


flat lay with coconut oil conditioner and fresh flowers

– Nourishing Conditioner Monoi Coconut Oil by Hask: Free of harsh chemicals, this conditioner by Hask left a delicious and exotic scent of coconut in my hair. With my curly hair, conditioner is a must or I’ll battle untangling my hair after the shower. Not so fun…This one is one of my favorite in the “chemical-free” category and helped a lot in styling and defining my curls!


Macadamia Oil Deep Conditioner by Hask

Macadamia Oil Deep Conditioner by Hask: if you’re into nuts, this deep conditioner (or hair mask if you let it sit for a few minute) is for you. I was very impressed by the rich texture which gave my hair a glossy but not greasy texture. And the scent was amazing, I almost wanted to eat it 🙂 I highly recommend it! Plus this pouch comes very handy when traveling around!

Nourishing Deep Conditioner by Monoi Coconut Oil

Nourishing Deep Conditioner Monoi Coconut Oil by Hask: I also tried this deep conditioner last month and it’s crazy how I can see the difference from when I use a different product. Hask’s conditioners feel like hair mask and definitively give a boost to tired hair, especially in winter!


Hair Mask by orgnx

– LaCoupe Orgnx Moroccan Argan Oil Complex Intensive Repair Treatment: this hair mask has a very rich and thick texture. It might be a bit greasy at first but once rinced your hair will feel nourished and smooth. I apply it once a week on wet hair and let it sit for a few minutes. The scent of argan oil is to die for and I swear I could almost eat this cream!

That was it lovely people, I hope you enjoyed this monthly favorites review. Don’t forget to leave me a comment and see you soon the blog.

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