The Natural and Environment-Friendly Christmas Gift Guide 2017 for Her

This Christmas Gift Guide is a summary of things I love and that I’ve recently bought for me or my loved ones for the holiday season to come. It’s 100% honest and it’s not sponsored!

What is a natural and environment-friendly gift, you might ask!? Well ideally, such a gift would be immaterial such as a massage, a dinner for two or some quality time in a special place with your special someone (concerts, museum, exhibitions, etc.). They are my favorite kind of gifts. Since living in British Columbia, we’ve adopted a minimalist lifestyle, drastically reducing our belongings for a clutter-free and peaceful home.

But sometimes it’s easier to just “buy things”. When doing so, I try to make sure people will actually use the gift a lot, that it was designed by a company that cares about the environment and that doesn’t come with tons of packaging.

I hope this guide helps you getting started with your holiday shopping and that you will find some inspiration!


1. Essential Oils from Saje

I’m a huge fan of Saje’s products and philosophy. I used to have terrible headaches and I felt like taking medication was curing only half of my problem. For the past 6 months, I’ve been using the essential oil “Peppermint Halo” and put it on my forehead whenever I feel a headache is coming. Essential oils are a great way to help reduce daily inconveniences in a natural way. I like to apply them directly on my skin when it’s possible or diffuse them in our living room. I’ve listed below 2 of my favorites essential oils’ collections from Saje: the “good health essential oil collection” and the “peaceful essential oil collection“.




2. A diffuser from Saje

One of my very good friend gifted me this beautiful deep red diffuser that looks like a giant gem! It was the most thoughtful gift. What makes me really happy is that it goes perfectly with our home decoration. Useful tools are usually kind of ugly but Saje put a lot of effort in all their products’ design. This diffuser helps infuse your air with the vitality of nature and create a balanced atmosphere by diffusing 100% natural essential oils. When starting my daily meditation routine, I make sure I have this gem by my side to increase relaxation and well-being.

Aromagem Diffuser ruby red by Saje


3. Vegan Perfume from Pacifica

Vegan perfumes packed with natural and essential oils that makes you feel like the heroine in the Tales ofOne Thousand and One Nights. I wear Meditareean Fig every single day but I also love Tuscan Blood Orange and Tunisian Jasmine Lime.




4. Scarves and Gloves from Anthropology

I like offering things that are useful and can be worn on a daily basis. A set of gloves and matching scarf is always a good idea and Anthropology had a nice selection this year. My sister (hoping she’ll not read these lines) will get the pair of navy blue pompon gloves for Christmas. I can’t wait to see her reaction! This maxi blush blanket scarf on the right is very similar to a scarf that I bought earlier this year and that I love wearing on cold days.




5. Wholefoods Giftcard

I love personalized gifts and making the effort to find the perfect object that will bring joy to my friends or familiy is so important to me! But sometimes, a giftcard can do the trick, especially when coming from such a nice shop as Whole Foods.


Whole Foods Giftcard


6. Organic Tea

Any tea aficionados in your family? I’m always thrilled to give and receive tea because I drink it on a daily basis and I love discovering new sorts all the time. My favorites lately have been Green Jasmine, Blueberry Rooibos and Masala Chai from the brand Rishi. You will find this brand at Whole Foods.



7. Natural Soy Candles by Anthropology

Luxury candles are not something you would buy yourself everyday and that’s probably the reason why them make such a perfect gifts. I mean, who doesn’t like being in a room that smells like heaven!? I didn’t know what to pick for my parents and because they moved into a new house recently, I thought these two Baltic Amber and Goji Tarocco Orange candles would be the perfect Christmas and housewarming gift.




8. Christmas Plaid and blankets by Homesense

Home decor is also a great idea when it’s something that is going to be used (like cookware, dishes, place mats, blankets, molds, etc…). I found this super cute Christmas plaid at Home Sense and it’s a pleasure to snuggle in it on the coach when we watch a movie!



9. Fine Food Groceries from Wholefoods

When it comes to vegan cuisine, some ingredients can be very expensive. And yet they are essential to create most recipes! I’m thinking of almond butter, coconut oil, brown sugar, tahini and the likes. If you know someone in your close circle of friends that enjoys baking, you could create a customized basket of fine groceries!



10. Customized Calendars

Some of your relatives might already have everything they need. Creating a personalized calendar with your own pictures or with photos related to your story, then if shows that you care to share it a little bit with them. For the past couple of years, we’ve created calendars with our own travel pics for our grandmothers and because they don’t get to travel the world anymore, they absolutely love hanging our calendars in their recpective kitchens. Because we’re living in British Columbia now, the idea came naturally to get a few exemplars of this beautiful calendar 2018 available on this website.




11. Earclimbers from Anthropologie

I find earrings to always be a great gift idea for her (provided that person has pierced ears of course). I like to buy myself a small gift for Christmas and found these beautiful earclimber earrings at Anthropologie. I love the way they make me feel a little bit rock & roll, as if I had a full row of earrings when I actually haven’t (and probably never will) pierced more than one hole in each of my ears so far.

earclimbers by Anthropologie

I hope you liked this Christmas Gift Guide! Let me know if you got anything listed above. If you really want to make a difference and offer things that don’t pollute our planet at all, you could buy vouchers or tickets for a dinner at a restaurant, a massage, a fun getaway or movies!



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