November Favorites

Who can believe Christmas is almost there!? It’s been exactly 12 months since I left France and I’m truely looking forward to seeing my family again very soon. This past year spent in Vancouver has been an incredible ride but I miss my close ones and I need to spend some quality time with them. What are your plans for the upcoming Holidays?

One different topic, I’ve discovered or should I say “re-discovered” some pretty cool beauty products last month that I’ll be sharing with you in this post. As much as I’ve loved introducing some natural hair products in my beauty routine, I’m kind of sad to say that I’ve never achieved the same results as with regular ones. So it’s been a bit of a struggle between “being healthy” and “looking great”. I still continue using natural shampoo but just not everyday. If you have a great natural hair product recommendation to make, please do so in the comment section downΒ below. Let’s dive in!

christmas flat lay with Pacifica 7 free nail polish

– Pacifica 7 Free nail color in the shade 17 “Cinnamon Girl”: (which could totally be my nickname haha!) besides being 100% vegan and cruelty free, this nail polish contains ZERO bad chemicals. And I think this is a great news! This deep red shade is perfect for the holiday season and I can’t wait to wear it on repeat! Have you ever tried Pacifica nail polishes? What do you think of them? If you’re not into red, have a look at all the beautiful available nail polish shades here!


flat lay suncoat natural nail polish remover gel

– All Natural Nail Polish Remover Gel by Suncoat: I think I’m done with synthetic nail polish remover. They are really bad for our health. There are not many options out there but this natural nail polish remover surely is one. Can you believe this product is plant-based and mostly made out of corn? It surely requires a little bit more elbow grease to remove the nail polish completely but knowing that I’m not threatening my health, I don’t mind rubbing a few extra minutes. If you would like to know more about the brand Suncoat, hop over here!


flat lay with redken curvaceous conditioner

– Curvaceous Conditioner by Redken: this product has been my ally for over a decade. If you’ve been following me for a long time, then you know that I have curly hair. This is the one and only conditioner that helps me build beautiful curls. I highly recommend it. What I also want to say here is that if you have curly hair but straighten them……please please please stop! I wrote an entire article to make you fall in love with your culry hair again, you can read it here.


flat lay with Andalou

– Firming Toner with Coconut Water by Andalou: How I love beginning my day with a sprinkle of this delicious firming toner. It’s so light and fresh that it helps me start the day on the right foot. I’ve tried other toners from Andalou and I must say they all smell amazing. Our skin doesn’t need to be cleaned up too often and using a toner in the morning helps you get rid of the excess sebum and that’s it!


Flat lay with pacifica brown eye pencil

– Natural Eye Pencil in the shade “frindge” by Pacifica:Β tryig to replace step by step my make-up items with more natural ones and because eye pencil is kinf of a staple in my make-up routine, it was easy to start with that! Contrary to other natural beauty products (like shampoo!) I don’t feel the difference with regular make-up. It’s easy to apply and lasts all day. A must have!


Flatlay with christmas decoration and Frizz ease John Frida shampoo

– Frizz Ease Dream Curls Shampoo by John Frida: my favorite of the moment for perfectly defined curls. This shampoo + the conditioner featured above in this post is a great combo to nourish your curls and “pre”-untangle hair.


That was it for this month lovely people! Don’t forget to leave me a comment, tell me what was your favorite beauty product this past month! See you soon on the blog…

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