October Favorites

Hello lovely people! We’re heading closer and closer to winter, which means…..your skin needs extra TCL! What are your tricks to keep a beautiful and healthy skin during the colder months when we so desperately need more vitamin D!? I, for sure, opt for day creams that give me a little extra help to brighten up my skin and avoid blemishes (sometimes caused by change of diet, we tend to eat richer food during fall and winter). Also, my old hair brush kind of went into retirement this month and I had to find a new one. It was a great opportunity to get a better one, made of wood, which is a complete game changer (bye bye plastic). Let’s get started!


natural conditioner by Hugo Naturals


– Volumizing Conditioner Vanilla and Orange by Hugo Naturale: this is actually a “not favorite”. Finding the perfect natural conditioner is not an easy task and I’m really disappointed in this product. Not only did my hair feel kind of greasy and glued but as soon as I started using this conditioner, its texture completely changed and separated between water part and solid part, like an oatmeal turned bad. Don’t waste your time with this product! I recommend instead using the brand Jason.


anti-blemish targeted spot treatment with willow bark by Burt's Bees


Anti-Blemish Targeted Spot Treatment by Burt’s Bees: I’m well away from my teens and yet it still happens from time to time – I break out! I’ve found this natural anti-blemish treatment from Burt’s Bees. It is not a miracle cure (is there really one??) but it helps me keep spots under control by reducing their size and get rid of them without doing any harm to my skin. I’d say it took me 3 to 4 days to get rid of blemishes when applying this treatment consistently every morning and every night. I highly recommend using a cotton bud to apply the treatment locally, that way you keep your hands away from the hotspot!


day cream with daisy extract by Burt's Bees


– Brightening Even-Tone Moisturizing Cream by Burt’s Bees: using this cream has been pure bliss and wow, it really helped my skin glow! The texture is light yet it perfectly moisturizes the skin. I think they added a little bit of shimmer in the formulation and the result is a happy and bright skin. I don’t use fondation at all because I don’t really stand it and this type of cream is a perfect replacement of fondation on those days you’re looking for a more natural look and give your skin a break. Totally worth trying, plus the daisy scent is amazing!




– Wooden Hair Brush by Bass: there are so many items made of plastic that we use in our daily lives….hair brushes included. Mine broke last month and it was an opportunity to invest in a new, high-quality one. I discovered the brand Bass at Wholefoods where I purchase almost all my beauty products and accessories. I highly recommend using a wooden hait brush: it lasts longer + it feels like you’re getting a head massage, for free! If you want to know more about the advantages of using of wooden hair brushes and combs, head over here!

Everon Lip Balm by Weleda


– Everon Lip Balm by Weleda: the one and only lip balm! I’ve always trusted Weleda’s natural beauty products and always will. Their Everon lip balm is made out of bees’ wax and the smell is divine! I’ve been using it for years and I’ve never found any other lip balm that outperformed it. It regenerates your lips in no time and I even use it as a basis before applying lipstick. A great investment for the upcoming winter season!

What about you lovely people? What were your favorites of the month?? Do share in the comment section down below!

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