The Vegan Romantic Toast Twins

I’ve been dreaming about creating these really cool toasts for a while now, not only to seduce my other half (it’s already done, we’re getting married, yeahhhh!) but to make our meals at home an amazing experience. Since buying my mini cookie cutter, styling food has been so much easier. Because let’s be honest, those little beetroot and avocado hearts make all the difference!

The pink toast consists of pink hummus and the decoration are avocado hearts, quinoa and broccoli sprouts. The green toast has avocado pesto with beetroot hearts, the decoration is the same as for the pink toast.

Let’s make toasts!


Serving: 4 toasts

Timing: 20 minutes if you already have the pink hummus ready


vegan bread toast with pink hummus and avocado hearts


bread toast with avocado pesto and beetroot hearts



– 4 toasts of bread

– for the decoration: avocado and beetroot hearts, broccoli sprouts & 1 soupspoon quinoa seeds


Pink Hummus:

Full recipe is here: Vegan Pink Hummus Recipe


Avocado Pesto:

– 2 avocados

– 1 cup cashew nuts

– 2 cups fresh basil leaves

– 5 cloves of garlic

– 1/4 cup lemon juice

– salt & pepper



Prepare the pink hummus following the instructions of the recipe.

Prepare the avocado pesto by mixing all the ingredients together in your food processor.

Toast the 4 slices of bread in your oven or toaster.

Spread the pink hummus and avocado pesto on the toasts. You can decorate the toasts with avocado and beetroot hearts, and sprinkle with broccoli sprouts and quinoa seeds.



4 vegan toasts with avocado pesto and pink hummus


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