Vegan Cold Cucumber Soup with Fresh Basil

I’ve just invested in a brand new food processor and I couldn’t help but start using it right away. After reading tons of product reviews online, I finally set my choice on the Hamilton Beach Food Processor that has a capacity of 10 cups, the ideal size if you plan cooking for 2 and freeze leftovers or for a family of 4. It’s reasonably priced and seems to be a good deal. I’ll keep you posted how it ages 🙂 and if I’m satisfied with it.

But back to business with this cold cucumber soup that I just made! My mother used to prepare cold soups as a first course during summer and I remember loving it so much (not only because it was soooo refreshing but also because it made the whole dinner such a chic experience for the child I used to be). Improving on her original recipe, I added a few herbs and grains to spice things up a bit. The ultimate goal of the cold soup is to be revitalizing so make sure you serve it really cold (especially on a hot summer day). To do that, you can either add ice cubes in it if you’re in a hurry or just leave it in your fridge for half an hour before dinner time.

Serving: 4 people

Timing: 20 minutes

vegan cold soup with cucumber, basil and pine nutes

vegan cold soup with cucumber, basil and pine nutes

vegan cold soup with cucumber, basil and pine nutes



– 2 cucumbers

– 1/2 cup fresh basil

– 1 cup almond milk

– 1.5 cup water

–  2 handfuls pine nuts

– 4 cloves of garlic

– chopped Feta cheese for the topping (optional)

– olive oil

– salt & pepper



Start by peeling the cucumbers. Wash them and chop them coarsely in four pieces.

Peel the cloves of garlic. Chop them as finely as possible (the food processor will never do as good as a job than your dexterous fingers).

Wash the fresh basil leaves.

Put the pieces of cucumber, the garlic and the basil leaves in your food processor. Before pressing start, make sure the size of it is big enough (you might face some overflow otherwise). Add some salt and pepper and 2 soupspoons of olive oil. Mix until smooth.

To make the cold soup more liquid, don’t hesitate to add a little bit of water into the food processor. Mix again to combine all the ingredients.

For the topping, heat up a skillet over medium heat without adding any fat. Brown the pine nuts for a few minutes.

Serve the cold soup into 4 bowls. Add the roasted pine nuts, the feta cheese and a few leaves of fresh basil for the decoration.


vegan cold soup with cucumber, basil and pine nutes

vegan cold soup with cucumber, basil and pine nutes

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