Summery Mango & Kale Salad

This colourful bowl is a replica of a salad I ordered earlier this summer in a fancy restaurant in North Vancouver. We’ve met a nice couple of friends and we enjoy hanging out with them because we share the same passion for delicious food. But we also like it when the portion served are satisfying! When my mango & kale salad arrived, I was quite shocked….it was not even a quarter of what you can see on the pic below! It was so tasty and refreshing that I decided to only remember the positive from this whole experience and left the restaurant promising myself that I would have one day at home the same taste….as much as I wanted. So here it is, follow this simple recipe step by step and prepare yourself for a burst of flavours!

Vegetarian salad with kale, mango and feta cheese


Vegetarian salad with kale, mango and feta cheese


Servings: 4 people

Timing: 20 minutes



– 1 beautiful ripe mango

– 2 bunches of kale

– 2 cups quinoa

– 300g feta cheese

– 3 handfuls slivered almonds

– 3 avocados

– olive oil

– salt & pepper



Start by bringing water to a boil in a large saucepan. Add a pinch of salt. Cook the quinoa for 10 to 15 minutes.

Wash the kale and pull out the hard stem in the center. Chop the leaves finely.

Peel the mango and remove the stone. Dice it.

Cut the feta cheese into small cubes.

Heat a pan over medium heat and slowly brown the slivered almonds for 2 to 3 minutes. Keep an eye on it, it burns so quickly!

Cut the avocados in halves, remove the stone and peel them. Cut the avocado halves into small cubes.

Drain the quinoa and let cool down. You can rinse it with cold water to accelerate the process.

In a large salad bowl, mix all the ingredients together. Season with olive oil, salt and pepper.


Vegetarian salad with kale, mango and feta cheese

Let me know in the comment section down below if you enjoyed this recipe!

See you soon lovely people!

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