Discovering the Maritimes

When you think about Canada, what spontaneously comes to mind is the Quebec, the Rocky Mountains and maybe the Niagara Falls. And that’s about it, right? One of the most beautiful places I’ve visited on this planet was the Maritimes, a less popular but certainly not less beautiful part of Canada. In three weeks, I’ve toured the provinces of New-Brunswick, Prince-Edward-Island and Nova Scotia. The wilderness of the landscapes as well as the omnipresence of the sea (it is called the Maritimes for a good reason 🙂 ) made my stay on this small corner of the world unforgettable. Ok, maybe it’s because I had lobster too!


New-Brunswick: it is the province that is the closest to Québec and my trip started here. The coast was more appealing to me than the endless forests on the west side of New-Brunswick, that’s why I headed straight to Kouchibouguac Natural Park where the mosquitos were waiting for me with open wings (I have sweet blood, to my great despair). Apart from that, this was such a peaceful place! The brown of the sea, the blue of the sky and the green of the forests blended perfectly like in a painting. After spending a few days in Kouchibouguac (can you pronounce it???) hiking (there are also tons of options if you like kayaking), it was time to go to Alma in the Bay of Fundy. This place is known for having the highest tidal range in the world and before seeing it for real, it’s almost unimaginable. Just next door is the National Park of Fundy where I went trekking for 4 days straight with nothing but my backpack. At night, I planted the tent in the middle of nowhere and I felt like there was just the nature, a beautiful sunset and me. Alma has a really cool place to have a perfect (and no so expensive) lobster dinner (or lunch) and I rewarded myself with a delicious lobster roll after finishing the 45 km loop. It’s the “Alma Lobster Shop” situated on the beach and it is really affordable. They serve lobster with corn, white buns and butter. You won’t want miss that!


Prince-Edward Island: The first thing I noticed when I arrived on Prince Edward Island was the color of the ground. It’s so red! Charlottetown is worth a stop and I coincidently arrived in the city on the 1st of July, the National Day of Canada. Did you know that the Canadian Confederation was actually born here? There was a beautiful firework and tons of free concerts and spectacles in the streets. I never stay a long time in the cities that’s why I only spent 2 days in Charlottetown before exploring the 3 different parts of PEI National Park: Green Gables, Greenwich and Cavendish. There are a few easy trails (nothing too harsh, it is an island so it’s quite flat) and my favorite trail was surely the amazing Greenwich Sand Dunes. One thing I appreciated above all on Prince-Edward-Island were the quite mornings when I did my meditation routine on the beach. A fun fact about PEI is that the British colonists couldn’t help it using their familiar lexicon and if you look closely at the road signs, you can feel for one minute as if you were in London: Kensington Street, Princess Margareth Avenue or Mount Albion. Prince Edward Island is quite domesticated and there are fields of all colors as far as your eyes can see and in that sense, it is quite different from Québec and New-Brunswick. In one word, it was charming!


Nova Scotia: It is in my opinion the wildest province of the Maritimes. In the northern part is the famous Cabot Trail from where I started visiting the Island. There are so many different trail options to choose from! My favorite was the “Skyline trail” from which you can enjoy such a beautiful view of the sea and of the main winding road encircling the island. After a short stop at Halifax to recharge the batteries in a cozy B&B, I made one last stop in Lunenburg, a typical fishing village that remains genuine despite the incessant flow of tourists. It is near Lunenburg that I had the best camping experience ever. Actually, all the campsites were full and the very helpful tourist office lady recommended me “The Oven” only a few kilometers away. There was a free concert in the small restaurant in the evening and when the sun set, the camping was illuminated by thousands of fireflies. And the next day, as I stretched my legs on the small trail along the sea, I was able to sea dolphins! As they say, all good things come in threes!!!



What about you lovely people? Is anyone from the Maritimes or plan going there any soon? Let me know in the comment section down below!

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