Cutest, Most Delicious and Intimate Coffee Shops in Vancouver

Hello lovely readers! Are you on the hunt for a cozy place to sip your favourite hot beverage and catch up with friends? Or you’re just spending a few days in town and you’d like to have breakfast in the heart of Vancouver to feel the pulse of the city? Since I’ve moved to Vancouver a few months ago, I’ve tested a lot of different coffee shops. One thing is certain: Starbucks has some pretty serious competition here! I’ve listed my 8 absolute favorite coffee shops down below, let me know which one you ended up going to 🙂


Buro: Nestled in the heart of Gastown district and only a few minutes walk away from the Waterfront metro station, “Buro” provides an intimate and casual atmosphere. The white and gold cups and plates are beautifully coordinated with the furniture. Built in a triangle shape, the coffee shop has floor to ceiling windows that makes it very luminous. I love going there to meet friends or on my own to relax looking out the windows. Buro serves the most delicious drinks and I particularly enjoyed their London Fog and Vanilla Rooibos.

Map: 356 Water Street, Vancouver 



Cutest Coffee Shops in Vancouver - Buro
Cutest Coffee Shops in Vancouver – Buro


– JJ Beans: is a local coffee chain and there are 3 JJ Beans in Vancouver. I tested the coffee shop located in the Olympic Village, meters away from the Sea Wall. The place is quite small and intimate, and has a few comfortable leather armchairs perfect for relaxing and other little tables with chairs or benches. I tried their London Fog which was beautifully flavoured with bergamot.

Map: several locations



Cutest Coffee Shops in Vancouver - JJ Bean
Cutest Coffee Shops in Vancouver – JJ Bean


– Faubourg Paris: situated just in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery’s main entrance, this little café was opened by a Frenchman who was probably very nostalgic about French pastries. This chic place is a good stop for a breakfast à la française or for the afternoon tea. Choose between a croissant, a petit pain au chocolat or a macaron and enjoy a cup of tea from their beautiful world-renowned Maison Mariage Frères selection. I tried the “Rouge Bourbon” and “Earl Grey Imperial” and they were both a delight.

Map: 769 Hornby Street, Vancouver




– Revolver: also located in the heart of Gastown district, this retro yet modern coffee shop has beautiful brick walls and a clean decoration. The first room provides a cozy and intimate atmosphere with separate corners of benches and tables, the second room is more social with one big table where everyone can sit. I really liked the background music which was a mix of house and mood music. I ordered their oolong tea which was a pure delight.

Map: 325 Cambie Street, Vancouver




– Aperture Coffee: what a great find! From the vintage deco to the homemade pastries, everything is polished to make you feel at home. So much so that the students hang out here and use the huge wooden tables to work on their projects together. No worries, you’ll find a seat on the comfortable green sofa or on the chairs by the window. If you feel festive, there is a dart game at the back of the room. The winners will have their picture taken and taped to the wall. Otherwise, there are tons of books on the shelves waiting for you. I personally had a long chat with my very good friend – we might have put off the students – and I tried the London Fog. This place is also great because it closes late (9:30pm).

Map: 243 W Broadway, Vancouver




– Trees Organic Coffee & Roasting House: with 5 different locations in Vancouver, this small and qualitative coffee shop chain is committed to keep coffee traditional. I love to go there for an informal coffee or when I have a business meeting. The coffee shops are spacious, luminous and have large tables. Perfect for my laptop and notebook, I love to have space! I usually grab a cup of Indian spiced Chai Tea when going to Trees Organic Coffee. There tea selection is amazing!

Map: Several locations




– Caffe Cittadella: Hidden in the heart of Olympic Village, you’ll have a shock when you arrive at the front door. At least I had one. The café is located in a beautiful red wooden house with two floors and for a minute, you almost forget that you’re in a city of 2 million inhabitants. The inside is as charming as the outside with the wooden floor and the vintage deco. If you can find a table, go upstairs! In the spring/summer time, they let the windows open and you can glimpse the flowers on the balcony. This place is a gem and my personal favorite.

Map: 2310 Ash Street, Vancouver





The Buzz Cafe & Espresso Bar: this café is quite different from the others as it is very spacious. Basically, café tables have been spread in the middle of an art gallery and if you’re looking for an intimate place, pick the table hidden in the nook and crannies of Buzz Cafe. I promise you, you won’t be disturbed. The menu and drinks are beautifully framed – I told you it’s an art gallery ! – and I had the best London Fog ever! What I loved most about Buzz Cafe is that I felt as comfy as in my own living room. A perfect choice for a date!

Map: 901 Homer Street, Vancouver




If you have any recommendations and other suggestions regarding cute coffee shops in Vancouver, then please-please-please, let me a comment down below, I LOVE discovering new places to go! Thanks for reading and see you next time!



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