6 reasons why I’m never without my e-reader

My e-reader and I are inseparable. In this blogpost, I’ll go back over a love story that wasn’t meant to be in the first place and explain how owning an e-reader changed my reading behavior for the best.

I absolutely love the physical contact of a book, holding it in my hands, smelling the book cover and turning the pages. This is why at first I was strongly against e-readers as a whole, I just found them inauthentic and useless. What could replace the cozy sensation and the pleasure of reading on paper? I’d always bought books in book stores, taking the time to find them on the shelves, reading the 4th cover, randomly skimming through an extract and flipping through the pages. I didn’t see the point of changing that.

But one day after reading the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo, I decided to adopt a minimalistic lifestyle which meant having less belongings to be able to travel more. I’ve had my e-reader for 2 years now and I haven’t read that many books in this short period of time than in my entire life. And God knows I used to read a lot!

That shows just how much e-readers are convenient and irreplaceable. I still buy a nice book from time to time but the paper versions of the book I own are mainly full of pictures and have a beautiful binding. These books are very special and will age well unlike the paperback books. But for my everyday reading, there is nothing like my e-reader.

I’ve listed the main advantages of e-readers here under and my own experience of it. I sincerely hope that this new way of enjoying books will prove as much beneficial for you as it has for me.



1. Your library in your pocket. E-readers have an immense storage capacity, meaning that you can have all your books accessible with you in one place. When I travel, I don’t worry anymore which books I feel like reading and which books will survive the chaos of my suitcase. I just make sure that my e-reader is charged and that I’ve uploaded a selection of a few books if I won’t have any Wifi / power access and that’s it. Also, I like starting different books simultaneously and with the e-reader it’s so easy to switch! Especially because you can never lose the page you’re reading thanks to the automatic bookmark.

2. Organizing your library like never before. E-readers offer you different ways to organize your books with collections and filters (reading, unread, finished), and even show your progression as you read (number of pages read, reading speed, number of reading hours to go until you finish the book). If your partner also owns an e-reader, you can create a shared account and have access to more books! Needless to say, if your partner and yourself want to read the same book at the same time, that is possible too! No good excuse to quarrel anymore!

3. Stop killing your eyes and your back. With a mat screen and lighting options, reading on an e-reader pretty much feels like reading on paper. When it gets darker at night, if you’re in a plane or if you want to switch off the lights in the bedroom because your partner is already sleeping, you can adapt the lighting of your e-reader at your convenience. I really enjoy the fact that the e-reader is light- weight and is convenient to hold, especially in bed! No arms or fingers cramps anymore! The battery of the e-reader gives you hours and hours of autonomy which is perfect when you’re traveling and can’t recharge it.

4. Library and dictionary all at once. If you read in a foreign language, you’ll probably enjoy this option. You can download as many dictionaries as you want for free. Whenever you’re in doubt, touch the word on the screen to have an immediate translation and go on reading. I enjoy this option very much as I like to read in Italian, English or German and looking up the meaning of a word in a real, heavy dictionary would totally interrupt the rhythm of my reading.

5. Your personal assistant. E-readers give you the possibility to take notes as you read. When you’re done, you can export all your notes and words you underlined to get a personalized resume or word list of the book. I personally like having my notes in one word document that I convert in e-book format. Then I upload it on my e-reader and put it in my “book review” collection. That way, when I want to remember what a book was about or re-read the main ideas of a book, I don’t have to start from scratch. I just open my book summery on my e-reader.

6. Thousands of books at your fingertips. Whether you’ve chosen a Kobo, Kindle or another brand’s e-reader, you have instantly access to thousands of books that you can download and get delivered in a few clicks. Reading has never been that easy!


Since I have purchased an e-reader, I read more books because I can travel with them more easily, I can read longer at night and because whenever I find myself stuck queuing, I just have to pull out my e-reader! This whole e-reader thing is actually part of a bigger project I have: I made the good resolution to spend less time on screens (social media, computer, TV), go to bed earlier and enjoy reading before getting to sleep.

Before we wrap up this post, I’d like to share something I read in of my favorite books “The success principles” by Jack Canfield. Leaders are readers. They commit to lifelong learning. Nowadays, we waste so much time in front of our screens that we forget about reading. My tip to you is this: try to make time for reading. Pick and choose the books that give you JOY and also get out of your comfort zone to discover new kind of books. Soon enough, you’ll be able to witness the positive side effects of reading. Personally, it has helped me find great conversation starters (but also keep the conversation going), made me reflect about my life and how I can improve it and last but not least, reading tons of biographies (of high achievers mostly) really inspired me to build up new skills.

What kind of books do you like most? Do you already have an e-reader and if not, what’s holding you back? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. And if you enjoyed this blogpost, give it a thumb up. See you later avid reader!


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    1. You can have both 🙂 => ordinary books on your e-reader, that way, you keep your money for really special physical books that have illustrations. Also if you’re moving out, you’ll be quite thankful!!! Good luck and let me know what you chose 🙂

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