March Favorites

I can’t believe April is already here! March came in like a lion – at least where I’m living – and went out like a lamb (well at leat I hope it lasts)! Spring is my favorite season and I can’t wait to share my March favorites with you! It wasn’t intentional but all my favorites are green :-), now you can tell how ready I am for the blooming season!

March 2017 favorites
March 2017 favorites


– Asparagus: when asparagus are in season, I have them in rotation in my menu planning. In soups, pasta, risotto, with eggs, roasted or just with a salad sauce, I can’t get enough of them. Actually, my partner has to beg me to stop cooking asparagus. Asparagus are perfect for your seasonal cleanse and the transition of your body into spring. As they contain a lot of amino acids asparagine, this vegetable is naturally diuretic. Eating a lot of it will help flush excess toxins in your body. You should definitely take advantage of it while it is in peak season!


Rishi Jasmine Tea
Rishi Jasmine Tea

– Rishi Jasmine Tea: as you might know, I’m a heavy chain tea-drinker and I love exploring new sorts and new flavors of tea all the time. Jasmine green tea has always been at the top of my favorites list and this one is particularly pleasantly flavored. Give it a try!


NXDJ0895[1].jpg– Green and golden polka dots cup: the latest addition to my cup collection. Seriously, I need to stop before we have to buy an additional kitchen cupboard. If you’re crazy about mugs and cups too, let me know in the comments down below that I am not alone 🙂


Lafes deodorant cedar and aloe
Lafes deodorant cedar and aloe

– Lafès Deodorant Cedar & Aloe without aluminium and propylene: it has been revealed that the presence of aluminium in deodorants is very bad for your health and can be the cause of cancers. I don’t want to sound too dramatic here but since I’ve chosen to only consume organic or plant-based cosmetics, I feel more secure. This deodorant from the brand Lafès (I’m French and I couldn’t believe it that the brand’s name was Lafès ie. “the butt” in English, so if you’re the brand owner and you are reading these lines, a rebranding might be necessary to enter the French market) has a delightful sent and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals. That’s a win for me!


– Bioré Heating Mask with natural charcoal: this beauty mask is very surprising as it really heats your skin up when you apply it. If you’re looking for an affordable, deep-cleansing mask, this could be a great option. As always with masks, avoid the eye and mouth area.

Fresh Cleansing & Make-up Remover - Neutrogena Naturals
Fresh Cleansing & Make-up Remover – Neutrogena Naturals

– Fresh Cleansing and Make-up Remover by Neutrogena naturals without harsh chemicals: I like to use a cleansing gel at night as the first step in removing make-up. After that, I use a cleansing milk to get rid of the black rings of mascara under my eyes. This cleansing gel contains Peruvian tara seeds and leaves your skin soft and clean without irritating it.


Cleansing Milk - Juice Beauty
Cleansing Milk – Juice Beauty

– Cleansing Milk by Juice Beauty: when it comes to your eye contour, you probably want to be very careful as the skin is thinner and more fragile. I adopted this very gentle make-up remover this month and I am very happy with the fresh sent and the thick, nourishing texture of the cleansing milk.


What about you, what’s your favorite of the month? I’d love to hear from you, leave me a comment in section down below. And if you enjoyed reading this post, give it a thumb up! Lots of love and see you soon!


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