Get ready for spring with me

Ready to take off a layer of clothes and put your coat away for winter storage? Good, you’re almost ready for spring. During winter, there are some things I tend to neglect or forget and before strolling about in my floral dress or flowy tank-top, I go through my spring check-up list to be sure there won’t be any embarrassment. Want to have a look? Here it is:

1. Get your athletic arms back. You’ll wear those beautiful light blouses again and show off your arms. Make sure to exercise a little bit every other day to tone your arm muscles and make them look good. All you need is a 1 liter water bottle. I incorporated arm exercises in my fitness routine a few years back and it has made a huge difference. Fill a bottle with water and get started with a 5 minute arm workout routine. For each arm do 20 side raise, 50 overhead extensions and 50 biceps curls. Yep, that’s it. It’s your perseverance day after day that will make the difference.

2. Discard your old clothes and start your great-big-spring closet cleaning. Last year when I moved from Switzerland to Canada, I discovered to my horror that I had kept clothing items that were at least 10 years old. 10. Years. No wonder I always felt like I had nothing to wear yet my closet was full but. I ended up with 3 enormous plastic bags of trash. A very efficient way to get rid of old clothes is taking each one separately and asking “does it spark joy” (I’ll talk about the “life-changing magic of tyding” by Marie Kondo in a separate blog post)? If it doesn’t, throw it away and don’t look back.


3. Start your 7-day spring detox. During winter, we have a richer diet because we need more Energex with the low temperatures and it’s ok. But with spring coming, your body needs a little transition. You can manage your own diet by drinking more water, by cutting down on coffee and tea, by eliminating processed food if you can and by eating a lot of vegetables and fruits. Start the day with a hot water with a slice of lemon as it will help remove toxins, drain the kidneys and stimulate your liver. And the cherry on the cake: it will give your skin an instant glow as it is full of vitamin C.

4. Sun protection. Maybe you think it’s too early…well it never is, especially with the first sun exposure after winter. Find yourself a BB cream with sun protection or a mat sunscreen that doesn’t glow (I love the brand Bioderma, their sunscreen blends very well with the skin).

5. Get your feet ready. Before putting on my sandals, I make my feet ready with a homemade pedicure. During a week, every time I take a shower, I rub my heels and the sole of my feet with a pumice stone. After the shower, I massage my feet with a rich foot cream (I found the Heel Balm by Flexitol at the drugstore that works wonders) and I put socks on until I go to bed. When I’ve done one week of foot treatment, I can already see a lot of improvement and I repeat the process only once a week after that to maintain good-looking feet. For a touch of glam, apply your favorite nail-polish.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

6. Buy yourself some flowers and create an indoor sunroom feel. What could be more spring-like than a bunch of flowers? Hop over to the florist or to the nearest garden store and bring yourself a nice bunch of daffodils. The color alone should set the tone of your living-room!

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset

8. Change your duvet. The nights are getting warmer and warmer and it is time to change your duvet. A few years ago, I found the softest silk duvet during a trip in China and it’s always a pleasure to trade my winter duvet with the spring duvet.

9. Get outside, get moving. If you like outdoors like I do, this is the best time of year. I love to take a long walk by the sea and breathe deeply.

10. Early bird catches the warm: go to bed early, wake up early. With spring coming, our need for sleep decreases and it’s time for a little adjustment. During winter time, I really suffer from the lack of light. With the return of the beautiful days, I make sure to enjoy the sunshine as much as I can, which means getting to bed at a reasonable time (around 10:30 pm) and rising earlier in the morning. This habit also enables me to have some “me time” in the morning before getting to work.

What is it that you do to prepare yourself for spring time? Any rituals, habits that you would like to share? Make sure to do so in the comment section down below, I’d love to hear them as I’m always trying to improve my own routine. Sending lots of love your way, lovely readers!



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