My 5 favorite YouTube Channels

If you are a YouTube aficionados like I am, you probably know that feeling. I’m talking about the excitement of finding a really inspiring YouTube channel and getting hooked right away! Next thing you know, you’re hitting the playlist button and watching videos until your computer runs out of battery. I’m sharing today 5 of my absolute favorite YouTube channels. May them inspire, help or enchant you.

1. Mimi Ikonn: Mimi is a beautiful Canadian originally born in Azerbaijan. She fled the war with her family and moved to Canada when she was a little girl. Together with her husband Alex Ikonn (another great YouTuber) she founded Luxy Hair, a hair-extension online store. Her inspiring lifestyle is based on travelling, eating veggie food, thinking positive thoughts and looking great at all times. Travelling all over Europe and even farther, her vlogs will make you want to jump in the next airplane without further ado. She currently lives in London in the UK and for a London lover like me, her video footages are irresistible. I particularly liked her video entitled “Change your look, change your life” where she explains how your look matters more than you can imagine.  But Mimi is more than just a pretty face and besides beauty and fashion tips, she doesn’t hesitate to dig deeper into the topics of entrepreneurship, successful relationships and happiness. If you watch her monthly favorites, you might get really good book recommendations and that my lovely readers, is priceless. Careful though, this channel is highly addictive.

2. Marie Forleo: “Hi, you’re watching Marie TV. The place to be to create a business and a life you love”. That’s how Marie invariably starts her videos, but each time in a different tone and sometimes even with a short choreography (amongst other things, she previously was a hip-hop dancer). Thank you Marie for being hilarious and for radiating positive energy! If you’re looking for tons of advice on how to stay motivated whether in your professional or personal life, you are in the right place. I couldn’t pick up just one favorite video from her so here is my top 3 : “Why progress is better than perfection”, “Is fear of failure stopping you from a big career change?” and “Why getting back up after all really matters” . These videos have been a real  eye-opener to me, and I hope they will benefit you too.

3. Annie Jaffrey: Annie is a long-time blogger and YouTuber. When it comes to well-being, eating healthy and getting in a fitness routine, there is no one like her to motivate you. Living in New-York, Dubai, London and presently Munich, Annie gives the best beauty related product reviews and make-up tutorials. But more importantly, she explains how she adopted a vegan lifestyle to cure her skin problems for good. Her videos are slick and very classy and I have a soft spot for her fashion hauls. Would you like to learn some new vegan or detox juices recipes? Or would you like to rethink your workout routine? Then this channel is for you. It’s so hard to choose one favorite video from Annie…ok here it is: “Work out with me on my vacation”.

4. Tedx Talks: are you watching “How I met your mother” for the third time in a raw? Why not change a little? The Tedx Talk channel is a gold mine of conferences on absolutely every possible subjects. When I am having dinner alone, I love the company of great Tedx Talk and the feeling of learning something new. If you can attend a live Tedx Talk, even better. As for me, this is still on my bucket list. Although I’m not ready yet to take this step, I loved the talk about the ten-item wardrobe by Jennifer L. Scott. I also recommend “The person you really need to marry”, “The power of introverts” by Susan Cain  and “The gentle power of highly sensitive people” by Elena Herdieckerhoff.

5. Luxy Hair: On a more superficial but nonetheless important note, the Luxy Hair Youtube channel will give you tons of inspiration about how to do your hair. With hundreds of tutorials, there is no way you won’t find the perfect fit. I you manage to do the 4-strand braid or let’s be crazy the 6-strand braid, let me know! Bring out your toolbox (bobby pins, hair donut and hair spray), get started and have fun!


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