Lady-like Hands

They say your hands are a reflexion of your personality and that your fingernails tell the truth about you. If you’re longing for a polished and flawless look, starting with your hands is definitely the way to do it! Here are my 5 tips to have lady-like hands at all times.

  1. Nourish and cherish

Apply hand cream once a day before going to bed, especially during the cold months of winter. All the hand cream brands claim that the texture is not greasy. If it is true, it’s not nourishing enough and if it isn’t then you just can’t hold anything for a half-hour. Tricky. That’s why doing it before bedtime is the best solution. If you want to give your nails some special love, you can use almond oil (I love the one from the brand Weleda) and apply it on your nails with a circular massage. Hitting two targets with one shot, this will also help you push back your cuticles. Last but not least, I put gloves when I wash the dishes and when I go out by minus temperatures to avoid a deterioration of the skin of my hands.

  1. Clean, cut and file

This may sound like a banality but cleaning your hands (and under the nails) is the first step in having beautiful hands, no matter their shape or their texture. On the other hand, washing too often is not ideal because water soften the nails and make them breakable. I suggest you opt for a decent length (something in between short bleeding nails and witch’s nails). Cut only if necessary as it weakens the fingernail. Filing is your best option and you can chose from a square, almond, rounded or stillete shape for your nails. I don’t recommend using a cuticle cutter because cuticles are an immune barrier of your body. I learned that the hard way when I ended up with a panaritium after cutting too aggressively. Believe me, you don’t want to experience that.

  1. Check your diet

Beautiful nails enjoy foods that is rich in vitamin B (egg yolks, wheat germ, beer yeast) and vitamin C (fresh fruits, citrus fruits in particular). For a faster result, you can undertake a few months treatment with supplements. I use beer yeast supplements as it does wonders not only for the nails but also for the hair and the skin. Always ask your doctor for possible incompatibilities with an ongoing treatment.

  1. Treat yourself with a manicure once in a while

It’s nice to feel like a princess once in a while, at least I like it. Find yourself a great nail bar and relax while your nails are done by a professional. Pick up a color shade that you have never tried before and be prepared for a surprise. When you’re going to the restaurant, you don’t choose on the menu what you cook at home, do you? Well, the same applies for the nail salon. Escape the ordinary!

While nail polish is fun, nails need to have a break from time to time. I’m not a huge fan of false nails. They look nice, don’t get me wrong but the impact on the real nails is not that glamorous. I suggest you do the best with what you have!

  1. Give yourself a nice hand massage

Yes, you read correctly, you can give yourself a hand massage with massage oil while watching a movie or listening to music, or whatever you like doing. Here is a very good video with self hand massage ideas. I wish you a good relaxing time! You appreciate it? Here is some more.

Now it’s time for a bit of fun. If you have 1 or 2 minutes left, you can read your “nail personality description” here. If you’re asking, I’m a type 1. What is yours and does it match your personality? Let me know in the comments down below and thank you for reading!


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