Hot Beverage Favorites

February is drawing to a close and winter doesn’t seem to go away in Vancouver. I like to keep warm and cozy with tea, herbal tea or lattes. Moving to Vancouver a few months ago, I was thrilled to discover new products and new brands that we don’t have in Europe. That’s one of my favorite things to do when arriving in a new country…exploring the shelves at the supermarket!

Here is a selection of 5 of my top favorite hot beverages (from the left to the right) that I’m sharing with you:

  • Organic Indian Chai Tea by Clipper: slightly spicy and perfect right before bedtime.
  • Earl Grey Lavender by Rishi: I discovered this loose-leaf tea on the shelves at Wholefoods where I go shopping from time to time. Their selection of tea is very qualitative. The Earl Grey Lavender was surprising at first with its floral notes, but I like the exotic touch and would definitely recommend it if you like “off the beaten track” flavors. The Jasmine Green Tea of the same brand is also very tasty. It is not in the picture because I ran out of it!
  • Lemon and Ginger Organic Herbal Tea by Clipper: I am used to the strong herbal tea by the brand “Yogi Tea” but sometimes, I find their ginger herbal teas way too strong. This herbal tea from Clipper is a great alternative as it is softer. Perfect for bedtime too!
  • London Fog Earl Grey by Domo: There is a Starbuck Coffee staring at me across the street and I stand firm on finding more budget-friendly alternatives regarding lattes. I’ve found it, this product is an outstanding discovery! The taste of the London Fog by Domo is simply divine. Let me know what you think of it!
  • Earl Grey Tea by Twinings: this black tea is scented with bergamot and is a pure delight for breakfast.

I have to make a little confession here. I drink a looooooot of tea. Probably to much judging by the queue of cups waiting to be washed. Drinking to much tea isn’t deadly, of course not. But it can have a few side effects you want to avoid. Black tea for example gives bad breath and drinking too hot can damage the esophagus (your food pipe). So, like many things in life, enjoy it with moderation 🙂

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