Rainbow Carrots Quinoa Bowls

I’ve been wondering for a long time, what kind of dish I could create with those pretty rainbow carrots staring at me at my local supermarket !? Side dishes are booooring! I wanted to do something different, something that could be all three courses in one! And I did!!

Vegan and Fluffy Blueberry Muffins

Those delicious and fluffy vegan blueberry muffins are the result of 3 different recipes combined together. It's less work than starting from scratch, I agree, but still...Here's the verdict: I’m so so pleased with the consistency, something I had never achieved before.     I suppose the apple sauce used as an egg replacement helps... Continue Reading →

Vegan Pesto & Pine Nuts Rolls Appetizers

In France, a decent dinner party cannot start without appetizers and drinks (I mean red wine of course). François and I have been living in a lot of different countries so far and yes, we tended to adapt to the local culinary trends. However, we've never ever stopped celebrating each Friday night with a nice "apéro". When I baked vegan cinnamon rolls for the first time earlier this year, I found the crust to be so delicious that I was brainstorming ideas on how to repurpose it. And then it hit me, appetizers of course! 

Easy Vegan Falafel Bowl

Don’t be fooled, this rainbow bowl is not only eye-pleasing, it’s also very tasty and satisfying! I still need to brush up my falafel skills, so the ones I used in the recipe are not homemade. However if you’re lucky enough, you’ll be able to find delicious ones at your supermarket. I bought mine from the brand Yves and wow, they did not disappoint. Last time I made falafel myself, I almost set the fire alarm, everything was burning and our apartment smelt like a barbecue for a week. Will get there, I promise you though.

Rotelle with Zucchini and Green Peas

I know most of you prefer Mexican food but hey, nothing can beat homemade pasta! This recipe is perfect for the busy days. If you’re experiencing a serious time crunch but still want to eat healthy, don’t bother pealing the zucchini (I just washed them with a brush to make sure there is no dirt at all) and just slice them instead of cutting them into cubes (cuter but more time-consuming). Double the quantities and you end up with a few extra lunch boxes to bring to work or reheat at home. You can basically use any type of pasta for this plate, but I thought “rotelle” or “wheels” in English add a little touch of fun. And isn’t food supposed to be also nice for the eyes?

Vegan Basil & Tomato Soup

Even in the middle of summer, I’m always up for a delicious homemade soup. I used to buy piles of canned soup at the supermarket (yep, my past as a lazy cook is haunting me) but since I’ve learned how much thickening agent is being added to it, I just stick to the good old-fashioned rule: do it yourself! Preparing your own soup is a no brainer, doesn’t take long and never disappoint. I like to do big batches that I can freeze or use for my lunch the next day! All I have to do is get some fresh bread and prepare a quick salad to make it a meal!

Vegan Kale & Mango Salad

This colourful bowl is a replica of a salad I ordered earlier this summer in a fancy restaurant in North Vancouver. We’ve met some really cool people here in BC and we enjoy hanging out with them because we share the same passion for delicious food. But we also like it when the portions being served are satisfying! When my mango & kale salad arrived, I was quite shocked….it was not even a quarter of what you can see on the pic below!

Vegan Creamy Asparagus Soup

To celebrate the beginning of spring, I’ve decided to test a bunch of recipes featuring asparagus. When they’re in season, I’m unstoppable. I could have them on repeat for breakfast, lunch and dinner as long as I can find them at the market. In Europe, I was used to buy the white ones but here in North America, the green asparagus are more popular and easier to find.

Vegan Red Pesto Spaghetti

The simple things in life are often the best and there could not be better words to describe this recipe. I’ve always had a soft spot for Italian food (and always will) and the good news is that there are tons of vegan risotto, pasta or pizza options. If you’re more of a pizza addict, you could bake this delicious buffalo cauliflower pizza or this broccoli and mushroom pizza. But if you’re in the mood for pasta, stay with me!

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